Energy Savings

footer-icons-transparentBENEFITS OF HIGH PERFORMANCE WINDOWS – One of the most important benefits you will gain by replacing your old windows is improved comfort and energy savings. If you buy smart and buy quality research shows the many energy efficient technologies of the window and the glass pack will result in less energy consumption.

Cooling and Heating Season Savings – Low-E coatings, gas-fills and insulating spacers and frames can significantly reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain.

Improved Daylight and View – Compared to older tints and films, with the use of new low-E coating, solar heat gain can significantly be reduced with a minimal loss of visible light.

Improved Comfort –  In the summer and winter occupant comfort is increased; window temperatures are more moderate and drafts are virtually eliminated. Discomfort from strong summer sunlight is reduced.

Reduced Condensation –  Frame and glazing materials that resist heat conduction do not become cold resulting in less condensation.

Reduced Fading – Coatings on glass or plastic films within the window assembly can significantly reduce the ultraviolet (UV) and other solar radiation which causes fading of fabrics and furnishings.

Lower Mechanical Equipment Costs –  Using windows that significantly reduce solar heat gain means that cooling equipment costs may be reduced.

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