Entry Doors: Overview

Steel entry doors are a great alternative to wood or fiberglass entry doors. Although steel entry doors are typically installed in commercial buildings and garages, more homeowners are replacing existing exterior doors with steel entry doors. Installing a durable steel entry door in the front, back or side of your home can make it more energy efficient and secure.

Door Features

  • Superior Polyurethane Insulation
  • Interlocking Steel Edge with Positive Thermal Break
  • Built-In Security
  • Outstanding Weather Barriers

Door Hardware

  • Choose from standard door knobs with deadbolts or a more elegant look with decorator style thumb latches.
  • Add a peepsite, mailslot and a kickplate to your totally designed entryway.

Door Paints & Stains

Choose from 15 different colors choices.  Unique to Bristol doors is the ability to order them in a mix or match fashion – painted on inside and stained on exterior or vice versus Factory experts apply industrial grade finishes that begin with the electrostatic bonding of the steel, inside and out. This unique technique permits adhering of primers and multiple coats of specially formulated paints and stains.  Whichever you choose, it will look superior for years to come.  Our three-part paints and stains are exclusively formulated with the following additives:

  1. High-resistance agents for strength against scratches and chipping
  2. Low-gloss protective additives for a long-lasting sheen
  3. Sunscreen additives protect from harmful ultraviolet rays

Door Security

  • 24-gauge heavy textured steel skin with precision finished steel angled edges on all four sides; oakgraining technique increases strength to the equivalent of 20-22 gauge.
  • 18-gauge steel “L” angled painted frame
  • Interlocking yellow chromate, 13-gauge rust-free non-removable interlocking hinges are reinforced by 12-gauge steel plates that are welded to the steel frame and door
  • Standard with steel five-pin tumbler lock and deadbolt
  • Heavy duty locks with full
  • One inch bolt and hardened steel pin that resists being sawed through or jimmied
  • Unique thermal and security lock preparation
  • Extra wide angle security lens viewer

Door Warranty

  • 50 year insulating glass and workmanship warranty for your protection
  • Three year glass breakage warranty
  • Transferable to next owner

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