Please fill in anyone you can think of that may be interested in windows such as brothers, sisters, parents, children, friends or neighbors.

If any of your referrals purchase five units or more we will send you a check for $200.

It’s quite easy really we will do all the work!

*If your referral purchases four windows or less the payout will default to the original $10 per unit.

The following conditions apply:

  • No previous customers will apply.  The form must be submitted prior to the initial contact of your referral.
  • You may refer as many new customers as you like.
  • Referral credits will be mailed out upon completion of the referred customer’s installation.
  • Referral credits will be mailed out upon receipt of the final payment from the referred customer.
  • Referred customers must have no prior contact from Bristol Windows. The initial contact must come after the referral form is submitted.
  • Referral credits will only be paid out in conjunction with the first initial purchase agreement. Subsequent agreements in the future will not be considered for referral credits.

Checking status of your referral progress?

No problem! Call or email us directly:

Toll Free: 800-475-3926
Phone: 402-435-8815

I agree! Take me to the referral page…

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